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7 Historical Must-See Asian Travel Destinations

7 Historical Must-See Asian Travel Destinations

Travel is so eye opening. My travels in Asia left me spell bound and eager to look at life with new eyes. Many ancient sites that I visited filled me with wonder and awe. I focused on peaceful, spiritual sites because I am drawn to […]

My Favorite Beach Destinations

My Favorite Beach Destinations

Hello there, welcome to this series where am going to talk more about holiday destinations, particularly focusing on beach destinations. In the many times, I have traveled the world, I have made it a priority to document the destinations I visit, and some of the […]

19 Great Websites for Wanderlust

19 Great Websites for Wanderlust

Ah, wanderlust, that feeling of wanting, no, needing, to get out and explore our world. Travel is a passion of mine and with that in mind today I’d like to give you my top nineteen websites to inspire your wanderlust, as well as those that can help you follow through on your travel plans.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a website that allows you to rent entire homes or a single bed all over the country and the world. Nothing can get you inspired to travel faster than checking out some of the over-the-top homes that are available for rent here. It’s budget-friendly too, and the searches are easily customizable from the number of bathrooms to the amenities.

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is the best airfare tracking website around. It’s beautiful web design and a huge number of features all make it a must-have addition to your wanderlust playbook.

3. TripAdvisor

As with any rating websites, you’ll want to take the overall ratings with a grain of salt. However, TripAdvisor provides so many details that you’ll find it useful even if you never read a single review.

4. CDC Travel

The Center for Disease Control travel website can keep you healthy during your travels. With everything from a list of suggested vaccines for each region to emerging disease hotspots, you’ll never feel unprepared to travel again.

5. World of Wanderlust

Named one of the best travel blogs of the year, World of Wanderlust can help you find unique and awe-inspiring trips.

6. The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip provides endless inspiration for some of the most decadent and interesting travel destinations in the world. Their focus on foodie travel is a great feature, and if you travel to eat, this site is for you!

7. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is for the old-school, all-American road trips. Roadtripper can help you pinpoint routes, attractions, and lodging so you’ll spend more time seeing and less time searching!

8. AAA Travel

Sure, it might seem old school, but AAA’s Travel website still has some of the best travel information and services around. If you’re already a member anyway, put this membership to work and get a percentage off hotel fees, as well as personalized travel info from their member offices.

9. Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals is for those travelers who eschew the tourist sectors of the city and crave a more down to earth, authentic experience from their travels.

10. Airhelp

Airhelp is a website that I hope you’ll never need to use, however, on the increasingly more likely chance that your air travel does become completely scrambled, Airhelp can point you in the right direction and help you figure out your rights as a traveler and your next steps.

11. State Department Travel Website

The U.S. travel.gov website is another one I hope you never need to use, but it is a good place to visit before your trip. It’s also an important one to keep in mind in case things go bad and your passport is stolen, as it has a link to “Emergency Information for Travelers” as well as country specific updates.

12. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is a great little gem. This site works by helping you find the cheapest and most direct route to anywhere, say, from Rome to Rio!

13. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

A chic website with a chicer name, Mr. and Mrs. Smith keeps you abreast of the latest deals on luxury and boutique hotels throughout the world.

14. Airline Meals

Completely useless, but absolutely riveting, Airline Meals is a website that features nothing but, you guessed it, airline meals! Their vast library of airline food photos is equal parts fascinating and ridiculous.

15. Our Wild Abandon

Our Wild Abandon is pure inspiration written by a pair of friends who’ve been on the road since 2013. Beautiful photography and genuine connection characterize this stellar millennial travel blog.

16. Viator

If you’re interested in a more structured experience without going full “cruise ship” Viator is for you. Easy to access tours and outings all across the world can be booked here.

17. Atlas Obscura

If you have a yearning to travel to the weirdest destinations then Atlas Obscura has you covered. Everything from medical museums to hidden underground punk history can be found here. This is a great addendum to any trip planning process.

18. Epicurious

Epicurious has a great Dining and Travel section where you can find recommendations for some of the best and most interesting restaurants in the world.

19. National Geographic Traveler

Last but certainly not least, I present to you the granddaddy of travel inspiration, National Geographic. Their travel website highlights amazing destinations and incredible photography from all over our planet.