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Salt Lake City Company Sends 10,000 “Survival” Meals to Florida Hurricane Relief

Salt Lake City Company Sends 10,000 “Survival” Meals to Florida Hurricane Relief

My Patriot Supply is a company that was founded by individuals who had a vision for self-sufficiency and food independence. The company has been focusing mostly on emergency preparedness and foods that are anchored in that area. Due to their commitment to offering good solutions in survival food preparedness, My Patriot Supply featured in the survival lifestyle. As a believer in keeping people free of frustrations whenever emergencies occur, My Patriot Supply chipped in during the Florida Hurricane by sending 10,000 survival meals to help affected families.

This was part of their social responsibility to the society and also a fulfillment of their goal to have a society that is well-catered by addressing their emergency food requirements. The food relief that was submitted during the event helped hundreds of people who were in dire need of support as most of their reserves were destroyed by the floods. To ensure that all categories of people were catered for, My Patriot Supply saw to it that the foods included featured general meals and vegan options to ensure all people are helped to have their dietary needs addressed.

Apart from offering food supplies for emergency purposes, My Patriot Supply also stocks equipment for various purposes that come useful whenever an emergency occurs. A good example is the water purification equipment stocked that allows one to rid water of impurities whenever an emergency strikes. In the case of the Florida Hurricane, there was high possibility the water supply systems in the region would be affected, and thus the water reaching users would not be pure for consumption. Therefore, applying mechanisms to ensure the water is purified came as an urgent need that had to be addressed to protect the user from diseases that arise from taking contaminated water.

Long-term food storage solutions
To ensure your emergency food reserves are useful in the future, you must focus on using the right storage options. One of the ways you could ensure the food remains perfect is having long-term food storage options, which is something My Patriot Supply has been on the forefront to provide to those who need to keep their emergency food in good state. The company not only offers food storage compartments but also gives users guidelines to ensure their food is stored in the right way. They take up the role of educating you on the best way to keep food fresh for a long period of time.

Most importantly, My Patriot Supply offers guidelines and tools to help you handle short-term food storage needs. When you need to store food for periods shorter than one year, there are recommended options for storage they offer that you will find useful for your needs. This includes family storage options and special emergency kits that you can use to secure your food for emergencies like the one experienced in Florida. Most of the kits that My Patriot Supply offers are able to accommodate various types of foods including vegetables and grains.

Water filtration system donations to Florida Hurricane victims
During the Florida Hurricane, My Patriot Supply identified the need to have clean water for those who suffered the frustrations of the emergency. The company in its spirit to uphold a good relationship with the community chose to donate the Alexapure Pro water filtration system, which is an effort that helped those who were faced with the destruction of the hurricane. These are systems that have a high capacity to filter water that can be used by a family of 10, so the effort My Patriot Supply injected in this was a perfect response to the problem that had shown up during the hurricane.

One thing you have to note about the Alexapure Water Filtration system is that it works offline, and in the event, an emergency occurs that you cannot access power, life continues as usual. In the Florida case, power was adversely affected and in the absence of power supply most purifiers cannot work, so when My Patriot Supply chipped in with their system, victims of the hurricane were overwhelmed with joy as this helped them prevent diseases that are brought by taking impure water. It removes impurities within a short duration without the need to boil it.

Helping residents prepare for unforeseen disasters
Considering the devastation the Florida Hurricane caused to residents, My Patriot Supply offered to support the people by teaching them ways they can prepare for future occurrences of similar magnitude. Many people who were caught in the confusion were not able to access basic supplies and this is because only a few people ever think about preparing for emergencies as the one seen in Florida.

Therefore, as a measure to prepare them for future unforeseen disasters, My Patriot Supply has been working with different residents to give them skills on effective preparation for such emergencies, and this information should be shared among neighbors so all can have a clear understanding of how they can secure their food supplies by embracing emergency food storage options. Of course, the company also offers them the equipment needed to facilitate effective storage, and the training that comes along with the purchase of any of the items is enough to help one to prepare for any emergency that might cause food and water shortages. This is not only confined to residents of Florida but everyone else who is concerned about securing future food supplies.

Provision of survival essentials
In addition to ensuring residents of Florida access clean water and food supplies, My Patriot Supply also offered them survival essentials including candles that can last 100 hours offering bright light. After the hurricane, lighting was a major concern that the residents of Florida needed to be addressed, and that is why My Patriot Supply offered to help by supplying lighting candles. The company also provided waterproof matchboxes that were useful in the wet environment. Most important on the list was the Magnesium Fire Starter, which can offer a flame of 2982 degrees Celsius, meaning you could even start a fire even when the surface is wet.

If you would like to learn more about the things offered by My Patriot Supply, you are invited to have a look at their book titled “Living Off The Grid”, which offers you actionable tips to help you prepare to embrace the challenges that come when an emergency occurs forcing you to live off the grid. It also shares ideas on how to prepare your reserves to match the capacity demanded by a disaster. The company has been offering various types of emergency kits that you could rely on to deal with emergencies whenever they occur.