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Noelle Neff is an accomplished young photographer and new journalist. She founded Noelle Neff Photography, which is based in Miami, and her focus has been on offering a variety of services including wedding photography, fine art photography, and travel photography. Her skills and focus on the different areas of photography have seen her work with some of the most established brands, with more of her performance leaning towards wedding photography, which she performs with a unique flair of skill. Apart from working for some major brands and clients, Noelle Neff has also won awards courtesy of her fine skills in photography.


Noelle Neff Photography was born out of a need to pay for college. Journalism was born from a love for words, both written and spoken. Neff returned to school for a second major in journalism from the University of Miami (Reporting and Writing Track).

Noelle has recently written for the Chicago Tribune among other notable publications. See recent writing samples here.

Wedding photography

As an area of photography that she has mastered over the years, Noelle Neff boasts of great skills in the different subsets that make up wedding photography. Of particular is her performance in covering still life, close-ups, portraits, macro photography, and photojournalism. These are skills she nurtured through dedication and investing time and resources into her passion for photography. Noelle Neff has had a mind that is inspired by the need to explore various areas and this desire to unlock what lay unearthed is the reason she has emerged as a key force in the field of photography.

Even when she founded her company, she wanted to bring a new taste in the area of photography where she would help reinvent what people believe about photography by infusing creativity and uniqueness to her brand. This zeal and resolve has worked successfully to offer her a top position in the industry as a leader and professional whose skills are in demand and above most of those considered to have honed their capabilities over time. Her dedication surpasses talent and mere training as she does her craft with a sense of detail that seems to hint about her emotional attachment to her career.


Noelle Neff pursued her photography course at the University of Miami, which is based in Coral Gables, Florida. This is a respectable institution that has produced experts in various fields including digital imaging and photography. Her pursuit brought to life the dream she lived with and one that she wanted to share with the world. She has advanced her career with the key skills she acquired from the university and her interest for research was sufficiently served when she joined the institution.


Before she began working as a photographer, Noelle Neff still had the passion to enter into this field and most of her motivation stemmed from her fascination to recreate moments and come up with great ways of documenting events. She wanted to get a way to express her ideas and photography seemed a perfect avenue where she could take her creativity to help preserve moments. When she realized she had the passion to do photography, she proceeded to college and chose this as her major, a decision that helped bring out her underlying abilities that no one ever thought she possessed.

The journey

It took a journey to rise to the level she is, and there were stumbling blocks as well. Noelle Neff marketed her work to her first clients mainly through word of mouth as she did not have the requisite budget to do a campaign. Surprisingly, owing to the quality of her work, she managed to get a number of clients, who in turn referred others and with this rising tempo she managed to build a studio, which has become an established venture that she oversees every day. She also went about aggressive marketing campaigns after her business picked to awesome levels. Noelle Neff is also good when it comes to networking and she has fully exploited social channels to reach more people who have invited her to events.

As a part of enhancing her career and propping up her work, she has also been investing in vital equipment, with her recent addition featuring a GiSTEQ Flashmate Ring Camera, which is designed to enhance each shot by making it bright and colourful. She foresees a brighter future where she will influence an entire industry to use her ideas and probably get more youthful entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with the same focus.