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The 5 Best Places to Visit in 2018

The 5 Best Places to Visit in 2018

With a new year right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to begin planning an exciting vacation to chase away the post-holiday blues. Before getting into the finer details, however, one must first choose the perfect destination. Narrowing down all of the available options […]

Salt Lake City Company Sends 10,000 “Survival” Meals to Florida Hurricane Relief

Salt Lake City Company Sends 10,000 “Survival” Meals to Florida Hurricane Relief

My Patriot Supply is a company that was founded by individuals who had a vision for self-sufficiency and food independence. The company has been focusing mostly on emergency preparedness and foods that are anchored in that area. Due to their commitment to offering good solutions […]

Pacific Palisades Company Shares Secrets to Success on 10 Year Anniversary

Pacific Palisades Company Shares Secrets to Success on 10 Year Anniversary

The Pacific Palisades area is home to wonderful entrepreneurs and good people. Some of these people have shown a core interest in improving the lives of future generations. One of these organizations is the Groza Learning Center, a premier tutoring facility.

The center started in 2002 in a small office in Pacific Palisades, CA. Today, it has operations in the Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Malibu, Venice and other surrounding areas. It came out of a need and a human vision to care for the very least in the society.

The founder, Scott Groza, is an educationist who found a great call in helping children, especially those struggling to learn. Scott’s wife had a sister who grew up with learning disabilities. It was not a fun experience for her. The Grozas decided that it was their duty to help where no one was willing to assist.

Groza Learning Center has had the privilege of being the only tutoring service in The Pacific Palisades area to show a willingness and initiative to use theme-parked tutoring facilities. For 15 years now, they have managed to play an important role in the education sector from Pre-K to college.

Some of the factors that contribute to their growth and impact are astonishingly simple. The five secrets to Groza Learning Center are here.

1. Maintaining a learning curve

Scott Groza says that he will never be satisfied with what he has already achieved. This bullish attitude has been the mantra of the organization. They keep looking for ways to learn. At Groza, schooling, reading remediation, subject tutoring, and test preparation cannot happen if the goal is to retain the same style.

Groza was formed with the goal of filling in the gaps left by existing education methodologies. With such a mission, novelty is a virtue. The founder is a career educator who wasn’t satisfied with the status quo in education. He says that he learned from his parent to do better always. “My mum (Rachel Cook), always said, “don’t do it the way I do it if you can do it better,” Scott retorts when I ask him his driving point. “My tutor (David Hendricks) was of the same opinion. He always told me that if I dwelt on what is there, I would never make anything for myself,” he continued to add. This background inspires him.

In short, he is not willing to accept anything less than what he can offer unless in his judgment he cannot do it any better. This philosophy goes to all his team members such that, for everything they do, they strive to do it better. Today, about half of the tutoring team is pursuing advanced education programs.

2. Customer first approach

“Our customer is not the parent, it is the child,” Christy Groza says. “If we took the parent as our client because he is the one paying, we would be no different from other tutoring services that are stagnant while we continue to grow,” Scott adds. In this customer approach, the company gives priority to the process and the learning outcomes of all its students and pupils.

First, they acknowledge that people are different. So, the first thing they do is to make a complete profile of the candidate before making a teaching or tutoring plan. Second, they believe in capitalizing on one’s strengths.

Recent research shows that children exposed to custom programs have good learning outcomes partly they don’t have to waste time on a fishing expedition that would otherwise not bring the intended effects. Groza knows this fact just too well, and that is why for them, every child is a project.

3. Reinvesting in the business to provide a world-class environment

From custom tutoring facilities to handcrafted one-on-one “retreat” rooms, the institution hopes to be at the forefront of innovative delivery. To do this, they have invested extensively into the small organization founded a decade ago to a tutoring giant. Today, they can boast of pioneering approaches to educational needs, especially of children with learning disabilities.

Groza says, “…to bring an idea to life is more of a necessity rather than a desire.” He needed to bring life to dreams of an excellent facility. He reckons that it took many sacrifices to be where the organization is today. Even when you have a desire, how you nurture it is everything.

4. Kicking average mentality

In numerous interviews, Mr. Groza has maintained that he will accept nothing short of the possible. He says, “…one habit that is so important is never to lose sight of what we are doing. If you lose sight, then you are ready to accept anything that comes your way including failure.”

Groza Learning Center ensures that every stakeholder works towards achieving the best for the organization. Not just the team, even parents are encouraged to seek better results from their students at all times. To inspire this philosophy, Christy and Scott lead from the front by setting the pace. According to one of the tutors at the organization, every other person there plays catch up. The standards are always high.

5. Effective team building and collaboration between and among teams

Perhaps, what best illuminates Groza as an institution is the founder’s commitment to his team. In his words, “The worst thing you can do is to become too insulated from the people responsible for making the company a success or a failure.” In light of this, from the hiring process to the remuneration and appraisal, the goal is to create a team that delivers on its mandate.

The company takes a keen interest in conducting a precise organizational fit before hiring. They also embark on serious orientation, training, and support to make sure that the integration is perfect. Mr. Groza believes that nothing beats quality feedback when you want to improve. Without it, you are doomed as an organization.

Groza Center brings together like-minded people to form a team that powers it through challenges and turbulence. The company is committed to the adoption of education technology too. The belief is that, with new technologies, even the most complex tasks will be more straightforward.


The entire team, from management to tutors have made Groza Learning Center a beautiful place to be. They will celebrate their anniversary knowing that the future will only shine brighter than before. They also have shown that with the right ingredients, the right mix, and the right processes, success is inevitable.

Chicago Tribune – The Role of Chicago Philanthropists in Preserving the City’s Art and Culture

Chicago Tribune – The Role of Chicago Philanthropists in Preserving the City’s Art and Culture

When public funding is in short supply, it is often the case that programs supporting the arts are among the very first to experience the devastating effects of cutbacks. Given the role of arts and culture in shaping Chicago’s remarkably unique and diverse identity, it […]

7 Historical Must-See Asian Travel Destinations

7 Historical Must-See Asian Travel Destinations

Travel is so eye opening. My travels in Asia left me spell bound and eager to look at life with new eyes. Many ancient sites that I visited filled me with wonder and awe. I focused on peaceful, spiritual sites because I am drawn to […]

My Favorite Beach Destinations

My Favorite Beach Destinations

Hello there, welcome to this series where am going to talk more about holiday destinations, particularly focusing on beach destinations. In the many times, I have traveled the world, I have made it a priority to document the destinations I visit, and some of the information I have touched on the quality of beaches that I got an opportunity to spend time at. I understand that it is grueling sometimes to choose where to spend your next vacation, and this comes about as a result of lack of experience. If you are looking for some information that could guide you to choose a good beach destination, here are my favorites that you might want to consider.

Blight Marine Park, Australia
Going by international standards, the Blight Marine Park is one of the cleanest around the world that you should consider visiting. Additionally, I found it calm and you can easily go about your exploration without disturbing people around you, so it offers you the ultimate pleasure of exploration that you always want to enjoy when you visit a new place. Most importantly, there are miles upon miles of the beach, so congestion is not an issue you will encounter. Some of the activities you will enjoy while at the beach include walking over and you could also choose to sail. It is a perfect place for lovers of photography and the texture of the sand feels heavenly.

Sardinia Beach, Italy
I have traveled to many destinations but Sardinia Beach was among the best experiences. I was welcomed with natural beauty and a lot of activity so much so that I forgot that I was to spend just a few days there. This is a popular destination and the beautiful blue waters stretch into the horizons while pink sand covers the beach. Most important was the calm weather and fantastic culinary presentations I enjoyed at the restaurants that surround the beautiful destination. Sailing is among to activities you will enjoy when you choose this beach.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas
This is located on a private island which is about 15 minutes by flight from Nassau. The beach includes an isolated sanctuary that features crystal clear waters as well as rusting palms. For your stay, you will enjoy as much attention as you like from staff around and you could choose to grab some cocktail and walk across the beautiful sandy beaches. I loved the options offered for meals as the restaurant allows you to explore local fruits and native bread.

There are also many things to do including spending time at the beach learning about underwater life and scuba diving. If you are a nondiver, you could request assistance to be directed at safe waters where you can take a shot at the activity. It generally is a beach that is fun to stay at and you will find it refreshing for someone looking for a way to calm down after excruciatingly difficult experiences.

Rosalie Bay, Dominica
The Rosalie Bay is set on the coast of Atlantic and is made up of a tranquil island 45 minutes drive from the capital city, Roseau. Next to the beach is a resort that features world class guest rooms and suites, which have mountain, river, and ocean views. While I spent time at the beach, I enjoyed meals prepared from recipes sourced from the resort’s garden, which included traditional Dominican flavors. At this destination is also the second largest volcanically heated boiling lake. Such is the beauty of traveling to see the worlds as you are ushered into a new world of exploration and beauty. Brace yourself for a new experience as you tour these places.

19 Great Websites for Wanderlust

19 Great Websites for Wanderlust

Ah, wanderlust, that feeling of wanting, no, needing, to get out and explore our world. Travel is a passion of mine and with that in mind today I’d like to give you my top nineteen websites to inspire your wanderlust, as well as those that […]